subwooder gets warm

Is It Normal For The Subs To Get Warm?

Subwoofer is a loud speaker designed to produce low-pitched audio frequencies and the frequency of the subwoofer range from 20-200 Hz. Subwoofers are made up of one or more woofers mounted in a loudspeaker. Subs can produce more heat than you think, if not kept under control this heat could damage your amplifier.

Sometimes if you are using the subs for a long time with a 9-channel receivers then it can overheat which is normal. If there is no reason for the subs to overheat and still if it gets warm then we have to take some necessary steps. Now let us see some of the ways to avoid getting hot for subwoofer.

subwooder gets warm

Amplifier Quality

The quality plays a major role in influencing the heat in the amplifier, if the quality of the Subwoofer is higher, the heat can be optimized between the vehicle’s battery and the alternator. Cheap and low quality amplifier can waste more energy or power than they actually use.


Continuous use of subwoofer can increase the heat, so we should not place it upside down or underneath the carpet. You need to have some empty space near the amplifier so that the heat can dissipate away from the amplifier and the air can flow inward. If you done all the thing mentioned above and still find the subs to overheat then you have to invest a cooling fan for your subs in order to blow heat away from your amplifier.

Improper Installation

If we mismatch speaker’s power to the amplifiers specification then the amplifier will overheat. Match the load of the speaker to prevent subs to get warm. Also you have to make sure your ground connection was done correctly.

subwooder gets warm

Manually check your Amplifier’s Heat:

Place the subs where you can check your amplifier’s heat, if you are able to feel the heat you can turn your stereo off, or you can arrange a cooler fan to cool the subs.

Make space around your amplifier

Even with the help of the fan sometimes, you cannot prevent sub overheating, so you have to make space around your subs by removing objects placed on or near it.


The installation and the location of the subs play a huge role in influencing the heat and if these two factors are not the exact reason then you have purchased a wrong amplifier and you need to consult with experts before going to buy the subs.

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